One Planet, One tree at the time!

Do you care about the environment?

We do too! That’s why we plant a tree for every sale of our CBD products. It’s easy to feel like your small purchase doesn’t make a difference, but when we all come together, it really does.with. You can rest assured that your purchase is doing good in the world and making an impact on people and planet.

We’re proud to be a part of One Tree Planted’s reforestation program. The trees help keep our planet green and clean, which is something we all need more of now than ever before!

With every order from Reefined CBD, you get free shipping and help us plant one tree for each product sold. You also get access to our community where members share stories about how they are using hemp oil to improve their lives or support others.

When you buy from us, not only do you feel great knowing that your purchase is helping people around the world – but it also feels good because of what our products can do for YOU!

Trees are the lungs of our world, filtering out harmful carbon and providing homes to over 80% of all wildlife. Trees provide jobs for 1 in 6 people on Earth! Not only do they make life better but trees also help save it too with medicines made from their bark or leaves; they even have many uses we’ve yet discovered.

Trees are essential to maintaining clean air. They do this by removing harmful pollutants and releasing oxygen for us breathe, in their leaves or bark can absorb these noxious gases before they cause a problem with the human body; as well trees also act like lungs on earth’s surface collecting dust particles that might otherwise go into your eyes and nose!

Trees are a key player in our water cycle and can be found all over the world, from rainforests to deserts. They serve as filters for rivers by capturing pollutants like silt which would otherwise slow down or block absorption into soil; they also reduce riverbank erosion caused when too many particles wash away at once. The UN Food and Agriculture Association claims that a mature evergreen tree can intercept more than 15,000 litters of water every year.

The forest is a home to more than just animals, it’s also their natural habitat. A single tree can house hundreds of species who live in different habitats depending on what they need and how much space there is for food or shelter! Without trees the creatures from this earth would have no place left to call “their own.”

One Tree Planted is an organization dedicated to restoring forests and planting trees. They have a goal of reforesting 1 billion acres by 2020, which will not only help our planet be greener but also cleaner! To accomplish this goal they work with organizations like ours ____ in order to plant enough trees for all their projects. In the last year alone we’ve been able to provide over ___ tree seedlings that were planted at sites around the world. We hope you’ll join us in being part of the solution and donating today so we can continue doing our small part for Earth’s future too!

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  1. Kristy says:

    If your store doesn’t exist anymore, you should take your site down, instead of leaving it up so people can still place orders that will never be fulfilled but that they will be charged for.

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