5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life

5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life

5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life

Let’s Find out What are the 5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life:

You love your pet, and no matter how many times they scratch up your furniture, eat your food when you’re not paying attention and use your carpet as a personal bathroom, you’ll never stop caring for them. You live to see their big smiles and happy dispositions, and you feel like a part of you hurts when you see them in distress. So you want to give them the best lives possible, even if that means inconveniencing yourself occasionally to ensure their wellbeing. They dedicate their lives to you, and it only makes sense to return the favor and devote some time to provide them with an incredible quality of life.

It might surprise you to find out some of the similarities that you and your pet share. Did you know that you and your pet have nearly identical reactions to consuming CBD? All mammals possess a few of the same internal components, one of which is the endocannabinoid system. ECS for short, this system is comprised of a collection of receptors spanning throughout your body that function on a tight communication schedule. Its responsibilities include everything from regulating appetite to maintaining the efficacy of your immune system. Once consumed, CBD acts as a stimulant for the ECS, resulting in the effects that the compound makes you feel.

So long as your pet is a mammal, it possesses the necessary internal system to adequately and safely register the effects of CBD. Their reaction to cannabidiol will be very similar to your own since the ECS of your pet and the ECS of a human don’t differ significantly in functionality. Not only can your animal feel CBD, but it can also benefit from the quality-of-life boost that comes with the hemp extract as well.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life

5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life:

#1: Dinnertime

Whether you own a cat, dog, horse, or goat, your pet is always going to be excited when they see you walking toward their food bowl at dinnertime. Animals love to eat; it’s a natural instinct, a measure that provides them with the energy that they need in order to complete their daily routines. Even in the evening, when they’ve got nothing left to do but find a nice part of the house or yard to sleep in, the extra energy that they receive from their dinner can prove to be exponentially helpful.

This is where you come in. As a pet owner, it’s your job to provide your animal with as much support as possible. This doesn’t mean that you need to pamper your dog excessively, but you should be offering them food containing ingredients that will benefit your dog’s overall quality of life. The food that they eat can have a major impact on the way that their bodies function. Adding CBD to their dinnertime meals is easy and will deliver an enjoyable experience for your animal. The best way to add it to their food would be through the use of a pet tincture oil. Pet tincture oils are designed specifically with animals in mind, meaning that the concentration of CBD is drastically reduced.

The CBD in these tincture bottles is the same as that found in human bottles — the only difference will be the ratio of CBD to MCT oil contained in each bottle. To add CBD to your pet’s food, fill the animal’s bowl with the food that you would normally be giving it. Then, fill the dropper that comes attached to the tincture bottle’s cap and drips the liquid onto the food. If the food is wet, then you can mix it with the tincture oil to better spread the CBD, but if the food is dry, do your best to evenly distribute the oil as you drip it onto the food.

There are a few reasons why this method of introducing CBD is useful. First, your pet will be less likely to reject the oil because it’s being combined with something that it absolutely loves: food. If you choose to use one of our pet tincture oils, the flavor of the CBD will be almost invisible when dispersed across the food, leaving your pet none-the-wiser that their favorite meal was just given a boost. This is ideal for those with animals that are especially picky when it comes to their food.

Placing the CBD on their food at dinnertime is also useful if you’re trying to get your pet to transition into a new type of food that they may be resistant to. Animals may love food, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll eat anything that’s placed in front of them. Sometimes, after eating the same type of food for so long, your pet might resent the idea of eating anything else and will refuse to work with you. However, if you add a pet tincture oil with a flavoring that resembles bacon or another irresistible treat, your pet is less likely to fight you and will begin to like the new food. So it is One of the 5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life.

#2: After Walking/Playing

Humans and their pets also share a few more similarities, one of those being the way that they approach to exercise. Much like their human counterparts, animals love to go on walks and keep their bodies in motion, and in keeping with the human comparison, they also get tired much faster than they thought they would. As a pet owner, you’ve almost certainly seen this before; your animal eager to play or go out, clearly using too much energy on the outset and suffering as a result.

Walking your dog always starts out fine, but by the time that you reach the home stretch, the animal becomes dead weight, stopping every couple of minutes to lay down in a patch of grass and refusing to budge until it’s had a sufficient break. An obvious remedy for situations such as these would be to have snacks and foods on hand when you’re out on your walk or playing with your pet at your house. Providing your pet with water is essential when you expect that they’ll be exerting themselves, and healthy snacks will give them the energy they need to complete the tasks at hand.

Whether you’re grabbing a water bottle for your dog before your walk or searching for a bag of delicious treats to keep them moving, CBD can easily be added at any stage of your playing process. By far, the easiest way to add CBD to your pet’s walks and playtime is by mixing it into their water. Pet tincture oil again proves useful here, offering an application that is seamless and takes minimal effort. Once again, you’ll want to use the dropper that is attached to the bottle to administer the oil, dripping it into the bottle or any other container that possesses your pet’s water.

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Many tincture oils, such as ours, don’t carry added flavors, instead opting for the light, hempy flavors that come naturally with the hemp extracts. Not only does this make the oil healthier by containing only an assortment of natural ingredients, but it avoids including the items that might not sit well in your pet’s stomach. Combining oil and water shouldn’t be too difficult, and your pet should lap up the drink without having any objections.

Snacks for your pet can be treated in a similar fashion. Allow for the snacks to soak in a serving of CBD before you give them to your animal. By doing this, you are allowing the CBD to be soaked into the food, increasing the amount of CBD contained in each piece. Your pet will be doubly appreciative of your efforts to give them a tasty treat after their 40th time retrieving that tennis ball you keep throwing. A flavorless tincture oil is recommended for this method of application because this will allow for the snacks to have the normal taste that your pet is expecting. However, like the water, flavored oil could work better if you believe your pet would respond to a different flavor better. It is also one of the 5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life.

#3: Training

Training your pet is an important process that should be started as quickly as possible. When we say training, we don’t necessarily mean the types of things that you would see in a show about gifted animals who can do backflips and file their owners’ taxes. While this could certainly apply to those situations, training can be as simple as teaching them not to go to the bathroom on your living room carpet. Dogs are taught to heed various basic commands, such as “sit” and “stay,” and other animals such as horses are taught to recognize certain sounds and react accordingly. Even cats can be taught to come when you call them or give up on actions when you make a specific noise.

Part of what makes it possible to train animals is the incentives that we offer them throughout the process. When the animal does something right, they’re given a small portion of a treat that they enjoy. They quickly begin to realize what’s happening, and with the promise of more treats in the future, they happily perform the task that is being asked of them. Incorrectly performing a task results in no treat, guiding your pet closer to the correct course of actions. With this system in place, various different types of animals are willing to be trained to do different things.

Even when the treats stop arriving in the later stages of training, your pets will continue to perform the tasks because they’re so used to them. The entire process, however, hinges on a very simple requirement: your pet needs to be interested enough in the treat you give it that it will perform the task. If it feels like the treat is subpar or not worth the effort, the incentive-based foundation of the training will be missing and the animal will be much less cooperative. For this reason, you need to make sure that the treats you use are incentive enough on their own to encourage your pet.

While CBDfx might not sell CBD treats, adding our pet tincture oil to regular dog treats is a two-step process that requires virtually no work on your part. You won’t even need to change the type of treatment that you give your pet, and since our tincture oils don’t possess a very strong taste, your pet will likely ignore the light hemp flavor and eat the treat as it normally would. Grab one of the treats from the bag and apply a couple of drops of tincture oil to it.

Give the CBD a moment to be absorbed into the treat, then you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that, and it’s something that you can repeat several times in a row without tiring yourself out or taking too much time out of your day. You can perform this task one at a time as you’re training your dog, or you can stockpile CBD-infused treats for future use. In both cases, your pet will appreciate the boost to its treats!


#4: Bathtime

Depending on the animal, bathtime with your pet can offer its own set of issues. Aside from the fact that your pet cannot directly communicate with you and therefore will not work with you to make the cleaning process easier, many animals simply don’t like water. Cats are especially opposed to the idea of being bathed, which is why they avoid large bodies of water and fight you when you try to give them a bath. Other animals, such as dogs, react to bathtime in the exact opposite way.

Instead of hating the water and fighting you to keep yourself dry, dogs embrace the water and seemingly try to get it all over you as well. Animals like this can get unruly when you’re bathing them, which can result in you and those around you get covered in the water that is splashed around and shaken off of your pet. In both cases, the process of bathing your pet is hindered by their unruly reactions to the water, and you’re forced to either strong-arm your pet and force them to stay still for the duration of the bath or give up entirely, leaving them to stink up your house.

For animals that don’t like when you bathe them, part of the issue is that there is no reward. The animal views the process of being bathed as borderline torturous, and since they don’t feel as if they’re gaining anything from the experience, they have no reason to cooperate with you. If you were to introduce some form of incentive when bathing your pet, it could make them become more compliant with your bathing desires. In a way, bathing your pet is a form of training because of the conditioning and incentive-based learning that occurs. Many animals won’t naturally trust you to bathe them, so giving them treats or pet tincture oil after bathing could condition them to endure the bath without putting up a fight.

For pets that enjoy being bathed a little too much and tend to make a mess, pet tincture oils can distract the animals and make them less likely to run amok. The effects of CBD tincture oil are felt fairly quickly once ingested, and they can have several positive impacts. In this case, the effects of the CBD might give them something to consider while you bathe them. Your pet will quickly become aware of the CBD after it’s ingested, potentially giving its mind something to ponder while you bathe it. This way, its attention might not be wandering all over the place and whipping it into a frenzy. This may even condition your pet to embrace baths further, their bodies preparing them for their expectant serving of CBD. So it is one of the 5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life.

#5: Before Bed (5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life)

Animals have erratic sleeping schedules that are subject to constant change based on the way that their days move. If they’re being frequently played with, they will sleep less during the day and more during the night. If the opposite is the case, their nights could be used for getting their exercise while their days are filled with napping. They will likely follow a vague sleep schedule overall, but that schedule can be broken without any seemingly serious repercussions. Much like humans, your pets can struggle to sleep as well, whether it be the result of discomfort or distraction. Unlike humans, who have an array of solutions to this issue, animals need to find more rudimentary ways to overcome restlessness.

Many humans consume CBD at the end of the night because they appreciate the effects that it has on them. Part of the appeal is its ability to distract you from other things going on in your life, limiting the number of responsibilities and worries floating around in your mind as you lie down to sleep. In a similar way, the effects of CBD might limit the distractions of your pet, giving them something to focus on as they drift to sleep. Since CBD is completely safe for your pet, there is no need to worry that the hemp extract could harm your pet in the middle of the night.

A pet CBD tincture oil would be best here since it can be stored near where they sleep and offers easy application. They wouldn’t be able to smell the tincture oil as they would a CBD treat, so they’d be less likely to mess with the bottle if left out. While a CBD treat isn’t the worst option for this situation, giving them too many could reduce their association between treats and training, which is something you need to avoid if you’re in the middle of teaching them a command.

You could even use pet CBD topicals before they fall asleep if you feel that this is the best option for you. This would combine the bathing and sleeping processes, and since the CBD in both tincture oils and topical products are the same, they will still feel the effects of CBD through their shampoo or cream as they drift off to sleep.

These are 5 Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Pet’s Life. While the amount of products that pets can freely enjoy is limited at the moment, many companies are taking note of their popularity, and innovative minds are working on new concepts for pet-based CBD options. Feel free to try out any and all of these application methods, and if you feel that you have a better idea of how to get your pets introduced to CBD, you should explore it.

The CBD industry is founded on the spirit of curiosity and innovation. So if you’re interested in pursuing a different avenue with your pet’s CBD consumption and it doesn’t pose a threat to the animal, we encourage you to look into it. In the meantime, try out the options we’ve laid out for you and brighten up your pet’s day with the helping of high-quality CBD!

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