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Eco- Friendly Wellness

Reefined CBD is comitted to have a positive environmental impact by providing zero waste products, sustainable fasion and green packaging

Quality of us

Pure Collection

Our products are strictly organic with no chemical additives, while we grow our hemp plant under the best environmental conditions in Colorado.

Safe Boxing

Hemp is a legal product across the United States, and we can ship CBD hemp direct to your location (except Idaho).

Lab Tested

We provide product testing lab results which follows our values of transparency and viability.


Being one of the early states in the US to legalize industrial hemp cultivation, the great state of Colorado has since been leading the pack in the recent nationwide boom of CBD interests and Investments. Farmers and entrepreneurs have wasted no time in exploring the hemp value chain for commercial gains and the state regulatory authorities have not been slack in putting in place policies and standards to ensure the best quality product is delivered at all times. 

One of the reasons why you can trust Colorado’s hemp farming capabilities comes from its wide range of seed Certification Programs, which is directly managed and supervised by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Hemp seeds which are cultivated in Colorado must first be certified okay by various review boards made up mostly of members of the Colorado Seed Growers Association.


About Us

Our CBD products are strictly organic with no chemical additives, while we grow our hemp plant under the best environmental conditions in Colorado. The manufacturing process follows a strict method that retains all the valuable properties of the hemp plant while eliminating most occurrences of THC. To ensure the quality of our products, they are lab tested and confirmed to be GMO-free, leading us to have Good Manufacturing Practice Certification.

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